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What do Instagram likes give

Types of audience on Instagram

Users of this social network are divided into the following categories:


Persons of the first group use the account mainly to communicate with friends, sometimes visit the pages of their idols. Most are indifferent to their own popularity, logs into the network irregularly and relatively rarely, more on insta auto liker.

But there are users who are dependent on the assessment of others and crave public recognition. They purposefully hunt for likes, some even turn to promotion services.

The commercial category of users makes money on Instagram. It includes:

Bloggers. They post in-demand, attractive content and earn money from monetizing or selling their products. Additional income is generated by advertising.
Companies. Promote their own business or products using a social network.
The success of commercial users directly depends on the number of likes.

The value of likes on Instagram

By liking posts, the page visitor expresses approval of the content. This gives multiple results.

Increasing coverage

For a blogger, the most important thing that Instagram likes give is to increase the reach of readers. The social network interprets publications with a large number of «Likes» as attractive and informative. Such material gets into the first lines of the rating and is visible to a larger number of users.

Account statistics
Increasing your reach is the most important thing for a blogger.
Evaluation enables the author of the published material to understand the reaction of the audience. A large number of likes indicates that this topic attracts users and the posts fully reveal it. Lack of reaction, on the contrary, indicates to the blogger the need to revise the concept and shift the focus to more popular issues.


Feedback in the form of likes makes it clear to the blogger that his content is interesting.
Affiliate promotion
The practice of helping each other in promoting their accounts is widespread among Instagram users. In his posts, the blogger publishes links to the partner’s materials, he responds in kind. They tend to conclude such agreements with those who have a lot of likes. Then the popularity of each participant begins to work for a partner.

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Mutual promotion
Bloggers among themselves often agree on mutual promotion.
Emotional support
Creating quality content is not an easy job, especially in a highly competitive environment. A high rating from users gives an understanding that the efforts were not wasted, inspires and inspires new achievements.

Likes on Instagram

Thanks to likes, the blogger receives emotional support.
How to get a lot of likes on Instagram
There are several ways to increase the number of likes.

Create quality content
This is the most correct, honest method. It is also the most difficult. I myself adhere to this tactic:

I carefully think over the captions for photos and texts, trying to make them cognitive or witty;
I publish only high-quality images with the correct angle and a well-lit composition (dull ones can be corrected using a graphics editor);
I cover the most popular topics.

Pay for Likes

There are services for boosting likes on social networks. The method is quick and convenient, but has disadvantages:

requires financial investments;
gives short-term results.
Instagram is taking measures to combat the artificial increase in the number of likes. If the number grows incredibly fast or there are other signs of manipulation, the account will be blocked.

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Arrange like times and giveaways
Liketime is a joint action of a blogger and his subscribers. Everyone goes to each other’s pages and likes. The blogger also logs into the accounts of his subscribers, and puts them «Like».

Be more active

The lack of new material and events repels regular users. In order not to lose their likes, you need to take active steps:

Post new posts regularly.
Conduct live broadcasts, webinars.
Organize contests, quizzes, etc.
Respond to user comments.

Add hashtags and geolocation

From my own experience, I was convinced what powerful tools they are. The system offers posts with the corresponding hashtags to the user who typed a request in the search. Those of them with the maximum number of likes will be in the top positions of the rating.

Each post can contain up to 30 hashtags.

Geolocation will tell the networks where the target audience lives. As a result, the publication will have a higher rating for residents of the indicated settlement.